Intercostal Nerve Block

What is an intercostal nerve block?

Intercostal Nerve Block

An intercostal nerve block injection is a precise and targeted pain management technique that focuses on the nerves located beneath the ribs. This advanced procedure is designed to diagnose and alleviate acute pain and inflammation associated with various conditions affecting the chest and upper abdomen. By administering medication directly to the intercostal nerves, we can significantly reduce discomfort and improve the quality of life for patients experiencing chronic pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

To determine if you’re a candidate for an intercostal nerve block, we will evaluate your medical history, the nature of your pain, and any underlying health conditions to ensure this treatment is suitable for you. An assessment may include a physical examination and possibly imaging tests. 

You’ll start by lying down on an exam table in a position that allows us easy access to the treatment area. Next, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to numb the skin above the targeted nerve, minimizing any discomfort during the injection.

With the area numbed, we then proceed to the nerve block itself. Using a fine needle, we carefully navigate beneath your rib to reach the intercostal nerve. Once in place, we inject a carefully formulated mixture of medication, which includes both a numbing agent and an anti-inflammatory drug, directly around the nerve. This combination works to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area.

When done, we watch you as the medicine takes effect. If this nerve is a source of pain, you may feel relief quickly. If the injection isn’t helpful, we may need to treat you a different way. 


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