Ganglion of Impar Block

Ganglion of Impar Block

The ganglion impar is a collection of nerve cells next to the tailbone (coccyx) that may be involved in chronic pelvic or anorectal (anus and rectum) pain. A ganglion impar block can be used to evaluate and treat anorectal pain, perineal pain (space around the genitals), and genital pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

During your visit, your physician will want to discuss your medical history and symptoms, then review any available imaging and perform a physical examination as well. Keep in mind that Ganglion of Impar blocks are not always a cure for the condition causing your pain, but rather a means of managing your pain and discomfort to improve your overall quality of life.

Most patients are able to tolerate the procedure under local anesthesia alone, but some choose to receive IV sedation as well. Once you are comfortable, the physician will use a local anesthetic to numb the skin. Under x-ray guidance, the needle will be carefully guided towards the anatomical location where the ganglion of impar is typically located then a numbing anesthetic and/or steroidal medication will be injected. The procedure usually takes just 20 minutes or less. After a brief recovery period, you’ll be allowed to return home to rest.

Many patients report immediate relief following the procedure due to the anesthetic medication used during the injection. Occasionally patients may complain of soreness for 1-2 days following the procedure. Some patients may need a course of injections to obtain the desired level of pain relief. 


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