Opioid Statement

At Premier Pain and Spine Center, we understand that that living with pain can be physically and psychosocially exhausting. Our goal is to ultimately help reduce your pain and improve your function so that you can get back to living life normally. We will help you achieve this goal with safe and effective comprehensive treatment plans, which may include physical therapy and other modalities, interventional therapy, or regenerative medicine. We will explore these options with you with the intention of alleviating your pain and minimizing the need for opioid – or narcotic – medication all together. As health care providers, we have seen the devastation that opioids create for our community. We will go to great lengths to protect our patients from the significant risks that are associated with opioids.

While there are particular medications that we are willing to prescribe, we strictly adhere to recommendations made by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Tennessee Department of Health guidelines. Furthermore, we will only prescribe under circumstances where a patient’s pathology warrants their use, the patient satisfies specific criteria, the patient has failed other lower risk treatment options, and maintains strict compliance to the provisions of our opioid contract. Please note that we will not prescribe opioids on the initial visit.

If you suffer from pain, we are here to help. We have successfully treated all types of pain with treatments that are safe, minimally-invasive, clinically-proven, and highly effective. We are proud that many of our patients, with these treatments, have been able to successfully reduce or eliminate their need for opioids entirely.